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Question 1

What makes Costa Rica so attractive?


It is an untapped country of natural beauty, nature is at the heart of this stunning country and everything it does. It has also been voted the happiest and healthiest country in the world.

Question 2

How easy is it to get to Costa Rica?


San Jose and Liberia are the largest and busiest airports respectfully. Airports such as Miami International, Ft Lauderdale, Houston, New York, London & Berlin have direct flights daily at competitive prices.

Question 3

Is Costa Rica a safe country?


As a country, Costa Rica is very safe, so much so that it doesn’t required a national army. They protect their safe and free country and you will find police are very vigilant.

Question 4

How long has Blue River Resort & Hot Springs been in operation?


The resort has been in existence for more than 10 years and fully operational for more than 8 years. In this time, it has become a key name and a must visit for vacationers and Costa Ricans.

Question 5

Which nationalities visit Costa Rica?


Americans, Canadians and Costa Ricans are the main visitors and in recent years Europeans have become a big growth market.

Question 6

Are the properties built yet?


This is currently an off plan project, this means that each build is bespoke for each buyer. However as a company we will also be building two show lodges, which will be sold later in the development of The Spanish Village.

Question 7

How long will they take to build once the deposit is paid?


Generally breaking ground will begin around two months after 1st payment has been received. During these months the wood for the lodge is treated, and paperwork with the local government is completed. This is a very hands-on process for the buyer as they will be kept up to date each step of the way. In total 6-8 months later your resort home in Costa Rica will be completed.

Question 9

Do owners have any benefits when they buy at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs? If so, what are they?


They have full use of all amenities and discounts on activities, spa treatments and food and drink on the resort; this is a lifetime membership for the lodge and can be used for 6 people. On a sale, the privileges are passed onto the new owners.

Question 10

Can the lodge produce income?


As soon as the lodge is finished and furnished it can be rented. The lodge will be open for reservations from the moment the build starts, as at this point the completion date will be known.

Question 11

What if the owner doesn't use the lodge?


The lodge can be fully managed and rented through the resort rental program. This means that it will still produce an income, the more it is rented the more income is generated.

Question 12

What can you do on site?


Amenities are varied, if you are looking for a relaxing day then you can visit the Butterfly Garden, Hummingbird Garden or mud bath with natural steam room and hot pools. More adventurous activities include zip lining, white water rafting, tubing, the Tarzan swing or horseback riding. There is also the ‘Dino Park’ for the children and inner child in all of us.

Question 13

Who will manage the rentals and bookings? / Who takes bookings and manages the rental process?


The resort will take bookings for your lodge and manage all aspects of the guests stay such as cleaning and maintenance during their stay. You can always check on your bookings calendar direct with the resort or through Secrha.

Question 14

Are there any rental restrictions? Such as a minimal amount of rental dates.


There are no restrictions with rentals. It is the lodge owners choice when they want to rent, how long for or even if they want to rent at all. There is no minimum or maximum requirement. Rentals can start from the moment the lodge is completed.

Question 15

What costs and fees are incurred as an owner?


Owners will pay water usage, electricity usage, local tax and insurances. All this can be managed by the resort which will also be made similar being apart of the Blue River rental program. Owners as The Spanish Village will pay annual HOA fees which are $2,880 ($240 per month).

Question 16

What is included in the Home Owners Association Fees?


Full gardening, maintenance of lodge exterior, maintenance of community areas and access road, drainage and waste water, trash removal, full access to the Blue River amenities which include :

  • Hot Spring Pools
  • Gym
  • Pools
  • Bullet slide
  • Sauna
  • Mud bath
  • ‘The Cathedral’ water cave inlay
  • Butterfly & humming bird garden
  • Cayman lake
  • Duck lake and hatchery

  • Owners discount off activities
  • Owners discount off restaurant and bar
  • Owners discount off spa treatments
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